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I have been actively showing Beagles for several years. I am an AKC Breeder of Merit and a member in good standing of the National Beagle Club of America and the Southern California Beagle Club.

My introduction to Beagles came quite by accident. This is my story as it relates to my involvement with purebred dogs and the world of dog showing. Many years ago, before the establishment of Jadestone Beagles, I began showing dogs in New Zealand, where I was born and spent my first 20 years growing up.

My first love was always horses however I eventually began showing dogs as a teenager in New- Zealand. I traveled to shows with a top Irish Setter breeder and learned the ropes of dog showing and field trials.

One day,  I saw a man jogging along the roadside with an Afghan Hound. I had to find out more about this breed as it truly was an incredible sight to behold. It trotted with elasticity and an air of aloofness and aristocratic presence. I was passionate about my interest in learning more about the Afghan Hound and I eventually joined the Dominion Afghan Hound Club in Auckland, New Zealand, shortly thereafter purchasing my first Afghan Hound puppy. I was actively involved in showing Afghans hounds in New Zealand until the early 1970s when a new adventure began. I moved to the USA.

While still involved in the sport of showing dogs, I met my husband, Irwin. Irwin’s family had immigrated to the USA and we followed, settling in Southern California in 1973. I
greatly missed my family back home in NZ, but I brought with me my love of horses, dogs and exotic cats. Once we were settled in California, my pleading for a horse ended with a compromise;  Irwin and I purchasing a  show puppy from the famous Coastwind Afghan Hound kennels of Richard Sousa and Michael Dunham. This began a relationship with Coastwind Kennels, which resulted in me assisting them with the conditioning and grooming of their young upcoming show prospects. I learned a great deal from that
experience and eventually bred and showed my own Afghan Hounds which resulted in AKC and International Champions under the prefix Ivorycoast and Coastwind.

After 15 years grooming Afghan Hound show coats, I wanted a change. This led me to look at Salukis who had just enough silky feathering on ears, legs and tail to make it fun again. My husband and I purchased a young Saluki Hound from the Ken-mar Knoll kennels of Dr. Kenneth and Maryellen Gorske. This very special cream-colored Saluki boy was just 9 months of age and already named. Those around ringside knew him as ‘Zarin’ (Arabic for ‘the golden one’) but his show name was Ken-Mar Knoll Zamzamah which means in Arabic, “Roll of Thunder” and that is exactly what his show ring success was like. Zarin finished his AKC Championship, at 15 months of age, at the Saluki Club of America’s Western Regional Specialty in Santa Barbara, July 25, 1986 over 126 class entries and going on to win Best of Breed giving him the title of Best In Show Specialty winner. It was thrilling to have handled  Zarin myself for this win. He went on that weekend to win Group 3 in the Hound Group again with myself handling. That was the start of Zarin’s ‘Specials’ career. Zarin won several other Specialties and an All Breed Best In Show in San Diego at the Cabrillo KC show in 1987, still being owner-handled by myself. His most notable wins are as follows;

#1 Saluki in the Nation 1987

Best in Show 1987 Cabrillo Kennel Club

BOB 1987 San Angeles Saluki Club Specialty

BOS 1987 Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco

BOB 1987 Del Valle Dog Club ASA TSE

BOB 1986 SCOA Western Regional Specialty

BOB 1985 Pacific Southwest ASA TSE

 We had accomplished what we set out to do and had alot of fun doing it. I took a break from showing to raise some Saluki litters. A few years later, at only 9 years of age, we lost our ‘golden boy’ to a sudden illness. He left his legacy as the sire of several Champions. People still come up to me at the shows after 25 years and say they remember me and ‘Zamzamah’. I expect he will be waiting for me when its my time to cross over and he will gently jump up on me putting his silky paws on both my shoulders and pausing there for quite some time as I ruffle his ear feathering, like I always did when he would jump up on me until he had his few minutes of greeting then would pranced off happily. He may even be there with Irwin as he was Irwin’s favorite dog.

BIS MBISS Ch. Ken-Mar Knoll Zamzamah

Life after Zamzamah; My daughter, Jade, then aged 7 wanted to learn to ride horses. Mother and daughter both starting training in the sport of Dressage. I became the horse show mom and my daughter became quite an accomplished Junior Dressage rider. We competed on the Southern California Dressage Circuit until my daughter was 18 and off to
college. Somewhere in between all of this I began breeding and showing cats something I also did in New Zealand as a youth. I showed two Abysinnian kittens to Best Show honors in NZ.  Here in the USA,  I was successful in showing Pixie-Bobs, (a domestic breed with the look of a bobcat) I showed a young male to his Supreme Grand Championship, followed by several years participation in the founding and development of ‘The Chausie’ and the ‘Savannah’ and showing both of these in the ‘New Breeds in Development’ classes at the International Cat Association shows.

Then an unexpected thing happened. A nearby neighbor and breeder of Beagles asked me if I would like to co-breed two litters of Beagles with her. This began a journey back to the world of dog shows although I did not know it at the time I accepted her offer.  I never thought I would venture back into showing and breeding dogs. Instead of a Sighthound, now I found myself involved with Scent hounds. I fell in love with the Beagle instantly. After all who can resist a Beagle puppy? These two co-breedings resulted in my acquisition of Ch. Just-Wright I Still Luv U, aka Austin, who became my foundation bitch and went on to become for me, a top producing dam of several champion offspring.

I believe the females are of the utmost importance in a breeding program and therefore must be of excellent quality. I contribute my early and current success in Beagles to being given this opportunity of owning such a wonderful producing female. I count this as a wonderful blessing dropped in my lap when I least expected it. I have been fortunate to start with these top bloodlines and the best foundation female a new breeder of Beagles could possibly hope for. I look forward to many enjoyable years with Beagles and many Champions to come. I am thankful to have been introduced to Beagles. They truly are a wonderful and fun breed.

Since returning to the show ring with Beagles I have now several AKC Champions to my credit and am qualified as an AKC Breeder of  Merit. I look forward to my upcoming youngsters beginning their show careers and I am excited about our current litters and
future planned breedings.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels ~ Jadestone-Looking to the future…

 I have, two years ago, completely fallen in love with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I have been hopelessly won over by this endearing, cheerful little toy spaniel.  I am blessed to have two Blenheim Cavaliers sharing my life, who I am presently also showing. UK import, Gr.Ch. Loranka’s Aristocrat aka ‘Ari’ just finished his championship at the Santa Barbara KC show, August 2011.  The following month at Santa Ana Valley KC Ari won the Toy Group under Judge Mrs. Elaine Young, followed by a Group 3 at Burbank KC the next weekend. Then to our excitment Ari was Group One again at Los Encinos KC show. Now a multiple Group winning Cavalier and now having earned his Grand Championship Title, we look forward with excitment to the 2012 show year. Ari was owner-handled to all his Breed and Group wins.

‘Ari’ Loranka’s Aristocrat pictured winning the Toy Group.

‘Ari’ has passed his required health clearances



‘Ari’ s Sire, Loranka’s Armani

photo courtesty of Loranka

In addition, upcoming youngster, UK import, Chantismere Sandy Shores, aka ‘Enya’ is now learning the ropes of showring etiquette.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are delightful companions and I hope to share more about them on our Cavalier website soon.

Enjoy your visit to our Beagle website. If you are looking for that special puppy to be your life long family companion and health, temperament and correct type is important to you or you are a breeder/exhibitor wanting a competitive show potential puppy, youngster or adult to add to your own breeding program and show string, please give me a call or send us an email.

Hope to meet you soon,


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