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Jadestone is synonymous with quality. Our mission in our breeding program is to produce our next show champion through carefully selected matings. This standard of quality encompasses, good health, athletic ability, correct type and structure, freedom of movement and excellent temperaments. Our philosophy is that whether a show dog or a family pet, the Beagle should have good health and a great temperament always.

We hope you enjoy our website and visiting our Beagles. We welcome your email or phone call regarding your interest in the Beagle Breed or if you are looking to add a Beagle to your family. Visit our Puppies page for upcoming or current litter announcements or Beagle puppies for sale.

Located in Southern California at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains at Cajon Junction, just 10 minutes from Wrightwood. Jadestone is a Southern California Beagle Breeder belonging to the Southern California Beagle Club.

Learn about the beagle breed

BREED INFORMATION - Learn About The Beagle


The Beagle has soft brown eyes that portray his warm personality. His look of intelligence reveals. his admirable  courage and stamina. A truly trustworthy friend can be found in him and he makes a great family pet as he is eager to romp and play. A good watchdog he can be trained to hunt, learn to be obedient and do tricks. Known as the "singing Beagle," he has a sweet hunting voice, but if left alone may howl. Training will alleviate this problem. He will adapt well to a home or kennel environment, but new owners should be aware of natural hunting instincts and he should not be left alone for long periods of time. A fenced yard is an absolute requirement as Beagles, being a Scent Hound, will roam due to their hunting instincts and also their need for plenty of room to play.

AKC Beagle Breed Description

A sturdy hunting dog, the Beagle should look like a foxhound in miniature. His hunting ability, combined  with a merry personality, has made the Beagle one of the most popular dogs in the United States according to AKC®  Registration Statistics. The most famous Beagle of all is Snoopy from the comic strip "Peanuts." Todays Beagle comes in two height varieties (13 in. and  15 in.) and any true hound color, including tri-color, red and white and lemon.


A look back on Beagle History: In the 1500s, most English  gentleman had packs of hounds. Larger hounds tracked deer, while smaller ones  went after rabbits. These were the first Beagles. The origin of the name "Beagle" may have been  derived from the French term "begeule," referring to the baying voice of the  hounds when in pursuit of game, or possibly the diminutive size of the hound.

Are Beagles the right dog breed for You? Beagles are happy-go-lucky  and friendly, making them a wonderful family pet. They are also favored for  their compact size and short easy to care for coat. Since they lived in packs  for hundreds of years, they naturally enjoy the company of other dogs and  humans. Curious and comedic, they often follow their noses–which can lead to  some mischief if they are not provided with daily activity.


As Beagle Breeders we care about the health of our Beagles and their progeny, therefore we follow the recommendation of OFA (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals).  is a list of required health testing for the Beagle Breed. When a Beagle has met all these requirements, OFA shares the results with CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) who will issue that dog with a CHIC#. A dog exhibiting a CHIC number has cleared all the required health testing.

Testing for Hip Dysplasia - at 2 years of age.

OFA Xray Evaluation - Or PennHIP Evaluation

Eye Clearance - at 1 year of age then annually.

CERF evaluation


UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab test results registered with the OFA - UC DAVIS VGL.  First Generation Offspring of tested dogs eligible for Clear By Parentage. One of the following Electives - annually.

OFA Cardiac Evaluation or OFA Thyroid Evaluation from an approved laboratory.

National Beagle Club Of America

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